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With more than 20 years of experience, UXCO (ex-Suitétude) has established itself on the French market as a real estate company and operator of co-living residences dedicated to students and young professionals, and currently operates more than 60 residences and 10,000 beds throughout France.

UXCO is divided into two segments : UXCO Property, the business entity that owns the assets, and UXCO Management, responsible for the operational management of the residences, which rely on two strong brands : ECLA - premium mega-residences that are benchmarks in the co-living world in Europe, and UXCO - the Group's extensive network of student residences in France. The real estate company is accelerating its investment and development program to consolidate its position as the French leader in co-living residences, with a target of 25,000 beds by 2027.

About Us

   Reinventing Co-Living

To combine quality of service with a unique living experience : this is the mission of the ECLA residences, which have become a benchmark in the sector of co-living. ECLA residences respond perfectly to strong societal aspirations, offering a hybrid mix of services and facilities to students and young professionals :  à la carte living, shared living, volume optimisation.


The ECLA community is formed in the common areas that are an integral part of the residences : young people from all over the world meet in the Cinebox, e-games and e-sports rooms, indoor and outdoor sports areas, and music studio.

961 apartments

More than 3,000m2 of common areas

1,300 students, young professionals, researchers, and globetrotters from around the world

                        Transforming student accommodation

So much more than just accommodation, UXCO offers its residents a real user experience : more inspiring, smarter and more sustainable living spaces, designed and realised to accompany current and future generations of students throughout their university careers. Residences offering quality services and facilities, perfectly adapted to the needs and situation of each student.

With more than 6,000 appartments in more than 30 cities in France, UXCO is a major player in the student and young professional residential accomodation market in France. 

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