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UXCO Group manages more than 60 residences strategically located within close proximity to regional Universities, transport hubs, and shops. It also relies on its dual expertise as an investor and owner-operator to ensure the success and long-term future of each of its projects.

A major player in the French real estate market, specialising in property development, acquisition and operational management of student residences and Co-Living facilities, UXCO Group offers a comprehensive and sustainable portfolio of services : UXCO Group imagines, designs, finances and operates the student real estate projects of today and tomorrow.


In 2018, UXCO Group decided to orient its business model towards the acquisition of real estate products managed by the Group. This new activity complements the existing portfolio and enables the Group to propose a global and sustainable offer : it designs, finances and builds the real estate products that it then manages under the UXCO and ECLA brands.


UXCO Group continues to strengthen the evolution of its business model through the acceleration of property development, and plans to invest one billion euros by 2023.



UXCO Group plans to develop and operate 20,000 beds by 2027, targeting acquisitions mainly linked to development projects within the greater Paris area, but also in French university cities where the market for so-called ‘alternative’ accommodation is clearly undersupplied.


UXCO Group is under discussion with key local and national urban development stakeholders with a view to creating investment vehicles that will guarantee the operational excellence of future residences and strengthen the Group's territorial network.



UXCO Group's development strategy also focuses on leasing residences that are already in operation, under construction or planned.


Constantly looking for new locations and new concepts, UXCO Group continues to develop high-quality residences in prime locations in the student and young professional sector, while remaining attentive to the development projects undertaken by the French cities.


The integration of a complete set of specifications, from the very beginning of each project, guarantees the same quality of accommodation, facilities and services for all residences marketed under its UXCO and ECLA brands.

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