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Every action counts; and this is why at UXCO Management, in line with the Group's CSR strategy, we encourage all our stakeholders to participate in our commitments.

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Inspiring, stimulating, intelligent and sustainable places, imagined and designed to accompany current and future generations throughout their university careers.


More than just accommodation, UXCO offers its residents a unique living experience.

Create life experiences within our ECLA and UXCO residences
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Residences committed to an environmental approach

Many of our residences have been designed with an environmentally-friendly approach.

UXCO Hacker has many environmentally-friendly features, including extensive use of wood. The use of bio-sourced materials has enabled it to achieve ambitious labels and certifications.

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Promoting and supporting diversity

Our residences welcome more than 97 different nationalities and offer dedicated services such as support for administrative procedures for foreigners.

 Our gender equality index is currently 80/100.

We are going to put in place actions aimed at systematizing the salary increase upon return from maternity/parental leave

In addition, we aim to reduce the inequality that currently exists between the sexes regarding salary entitlement.

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Engage in an improvement process

In collaboration with our stakeholders, we carried out an initial materiality assessment to define our priority issues and our action plan for an ambitious sustainability approach.

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Idea box
Any CSR ideas?
An eco-responsible partnership?

A green project?
Tell us!

Thanks for your input :)!

Measure our carbon footprint

Measure our impacts to allow us to refine our action plan and lower the carbon trajectory on the 3 fronts.

Define a responsible investment strategy

Systematically measure the ESG impact of our development projects and define our certification strategy.

Engage our teams and our customers in societal commitments

Encourage employees to get involved with associations and promote sustainability themes through awareness-raising events with our residents.

And you, did you activate CSR?

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